About Me

Hello, world! My name is Myles Scolnick. I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. I am currently a software engineer working around the world.

I have a remarkable aptitude for problem-solving and embrace any challenge presented to me. I aspire to work on difficult problems that have tangible impacts on the world. I am most interested in leveraging software to solve difficult problems with big data that is otherwise impossible.

Please feel free to contact me personally; my information is listed below.

Fall 2012 - Spring 2015
University of California, Berkeley @ Berkeley, CA
Double Major: Computer Science & Mathematics
Technical GPA: 3.67/4.0
Coursework: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (54), Intro to Analysis (104), Advanced Linear Algebra (110), Intro to Abstract Algebra (113), Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (61A), Data Structures (61B), Machine Structures (61C), Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory (70), Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems (170), iOS Game Development (198), Intro to Digital Electronics (42), Engineering Entrepreneurship (IEOR190), Engineering Parallel Software (194), Artificial Intelligence (188), Computer Security (161), Operating Systems and System Programming (162), Numerical Analysis (128A), Databases (186), Complex Analysis (185), Machine Learning (189)
June 2016 - Present
Palantir Technologies @ New York, NY | London, UK
Software Engineer
Worked on the initial implementation and methods for providing an object and relational platform for datasets
Created an analytical application for investigative and decision based workflows for operational users
Designed a plugin architecture for deployments to create customer specific plugins to inject into our applications
Developed a tool for managing manufacturing defects and running defect analysis / root cause analysis (RCA)
Contributed to building systems and methods for determining relationships between defects
Built some of the initial custom applications during the early development of our aviation vertical
Summer 2015
Palantir Technologies @ Palo Alto, CA
Software Engineer Intern
Worked on adding new improvements and features to Palantir's trader oversight solution
Developed a new understanding of Postgres Full Text Search, large-scale web applications, build automation tools, and dependency management
Spring 2015
Dropbox @ Berkeley, CA
Part-Time Extern
Conducted research on students to develop insights about student technology usage and trends
Acquired great insight into the tech world and furthered developed my research capabilities with real business implications
Spring 2014 - Summer 2015
Red Bull @ Berkeley, CA
Student Brand Manager
Infused Red Bull into the student lifestyle through co-ordination of projects on university campus and support of student events
Developed and maintain relationships and support of key university bodies and individuals
Seeked opportunities to develop Red Bull’s brand profile, image and credibility on and around campus within the student market
Fall 2015
NAICS Classifier
Language: Python, NLTK
Built a natural language model to algorithmically determine the best North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for a given small business
Received second in the Radius Collider Competition (through UC Berkeley's SCET)
Incorporated several techniques including text cleaning, data augmentation, TF-IDF, wordnet, neural embeddings and cross-validation to improve accuracy
Fall 2015
Language: Python, Flask, Twilio, Android/Java, AWS EC2
Built an application on Android to get remote information and internet access without using data and only using SMS
Created a protocol with SMS to simulate network packets capable of handling dropped packets and out of order packets
Won Best Hack at Berkeley from FreeVentures and Best use of AWS from Amazon at Cal Hacks 2.0
Fall 2018
JDRF One Walk
Team Captain
Raised $3,000 for the JDRF Type 1 Diabetes walk to help end type 1 diabetes
Fall 2012 - 2015
Cal Men’s Club Lacrosse Team
MCLA D-1 Student Athlete / Lead Web Designer
Headed website for a three-month long campaign by the team that had raised over $250,000 in funding